We open the Beta for everyone today!

Six months ago the first line of code was written. Now we are finally opening the beta registration to everyone. Read the press release on our company blog.

So far our closed beta testers have measured 500 million requests and the Profiler has analyzed 7 million traces. We hope to increase this numbers a lot by giving everyone access to the Profiler starting today.

Our journey started by building a platform based on XHProf and during the closed beta we have moved beyond the original Facebook PHP extension to provide many additional features and performance optimizations that are necessary for isolating and fixing bottlenecks.

You can take a look at all the Features that we already support right now and a Roadmap of what we are working on.

During beta a lot of people have asked us about our pricing model and for the start of the open beta we are lifting the curtain.

We are transitioning to a paid beta using a simple per request pricing model. That means no need for you to count servers, applications or users. Plans start at 99€/month with 100.000 requests a day. See our pricing page for details. Get in touch if you have any questions about the pricing.

Why still keep the beta label? We are still working to improve the installation, packaging and setup of the Profiler for as many platforms as possible. The Profiler will stay in beta until we feel the setup experience is close to perfect.

What is next? The roadmap already contains a list of larger features that we are working on for the Profiler. If you want to keep informed about features and news subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

Benjamin Benjamin 28.10.2014