Daemon 1.8.8 released

  • New Feature: Calculate cache hit ratio observation on service level using
    transaction tagging and for Shopware 6 transactions.
  • New Feature: (Beta) All requests made with CLI SAPI are assigned to their services via a suffix “:cli” now and not aggregated on a single “cli” service anymore.
  • Improvement: Better logging when an API key is invalid
  • Improvement: Support for tagged transactions in tracepoints
  • Improvement: Upgrade build to use GO 1.18
  • Improvement: Enable worker connection pool by default (introduced in 1.7.20)
  • Improvement: Use nfpm to build deb/rpm packages instead of fpm
  • BC BREAK: Remove support for sysv based daemon management, for automatic
    service management of tideways-daemon systemd is now required.
  • Bugfix: Opcache low memory observation was not correctly calculated


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