Notice about Important Change: Exception Tracking and Environments

We have recently modified the Exception Tracking fingerprint method used for deduplication of errors to differentiate by environment for all tracked exceptions.

This means that errors appearing in an environment other than „production“, will get a different fingerprint, leading to a new entry in the list, with an empty occurrences counter and its own notification trigger status.

For exceptions in the „production“ environment the fingerprint will stay the same for backwards compatibility reasons, that means no new notifications are triggered and the occurrences counter keep their historical values.

For exceptions in other environments this can trigger notifications on the configured channels such as E-Mail, Slack or Microsoft Teams messages.

This change to the fingerprinting is still behind a feature flag, you can opt into this change going to the „Beta Features“ section of your organization settings screen.

On October 1st, 2022 this feature will be enabled for all customers automatically.


  • User Interface