MacOS Beta Builds for PHP Extension and Daemon

We are starting the beta phase of Tideways support for MacOS operating system. In addition to the CLI, which was already published for MacOS, this now includes:

Tideways on MacOS supports PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2.

A working installation of both components requires them to agree on the php.ini “tideways.connection” setting and the “–address” flag of the tideways-daemon. By default they both look for the Unix socket¬†in /var/run/tideways/tidewaysd.sock. You need to create this directory and give read/write access to your user account that runs both the daemon and PHP.

For now there are no additional installation mechanisms except the Tarballs, but we are looking into providing  Homebrew support in the future.


  • Daemon
  • PHP Extension