PHP Extension 5.4.12 Release

This version is the first public release of the 5.4 minor branch and all previous releases between 5.4.0 and 5.4.11 have been Beta version builds.

  • New Feature: Sending PHP-FPM pool information about requests to the daemon
  • New Feature: Sending Runtime PHP Metrics to the daemon in intervals of 60 seconds as foundation for observations feature (Disable with `tideways.features.stats=0`)
  • New Feature: INI Setting `tideways.traces_max_seconds=60` limiting length of traces to managable size for understanding.
  • New Feature: Monitor all HTTP calls in sampled and unsampled traces for HTTP Monitoring feature (Disable with `tideways.features.monitor_http=0`)
  • New Feature: Distributed Tracing and Profiling via HTTP Header Propagation. Disabled by default and only works for selected Beta Preview customers. (Enable with `tideways.features.propagation=1`)
  • Improvement: cURL Multi Instrumentation does not require a call to `curl_multi_remove_handle` anymore to work
  • Improvement: Export debug/environment information about Shopware 5, 6 and Symfony for observations feature
  • Improvement: On PHP 8 use `zend_observer` API for userland instrumentations to allow Tideways work with JIT and reduce instrumentation overhead


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