PHP Extension 5.6.4 released with PHP 8.3 Support

  • New Feature: Tideways is now compatible with PHP 8.3
  • New Feature: #[WithSpan] attribute on functions or methods to add span to Timeline Profiling Trace. Documentation
  • New Feature: Start collecting warnings and notices, configured with `tideways.features.warnings=1` and `tideways.features.errors=1`. Documentation
  • New Feature: Collect currently installed Composer packages and their versions as part of “phpinfo” payload send to daemon occasionally. Works by utilizing Composer 2 Runtime API. This will be used for additional features in the UI in the near future.
  • New Feature: Redis instrumentation can send keys of each operation when enabling `tideways.features.redis_keys=1`. This is opt-in, because no filtering for potential personal information is done on these keys.
  • Improvement: Automatic Service Detection now works for Shopware 5, 6, Spryker and Magento 2 and can be disabled with `tideways.features.automatic_service_detection=0`. Documentation
  • Improvement: Move Symfony┬áKernel::terminate event to a regular span
  • Bugfix: Spryker Transaction and Error Detection work again with recent versions, a change was necessary due to switch by Spryker from Silex to Symfony as foundational framework.
  • Bugfix: open_basedir detection for Observations was wrong when empty string was provided instead of commenting out the setting.


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