Release of Daemon v1.5.50, PHP Extension v5.0.30

We have released new versions of the PHP Extension and Daemon to fix a few bugs:

  • Bugfix: In the rare event that you are using a custom stream wrapper and then call fread with a $length parameter larger than 8192 on a file-stream, the buffer would not be returned with the given length but cut to 8192. While this restriction is documented as “possible” in PHP manual, it still deviates from the regular file stream behavior and we consider it a bug. We disabled part of our file stream instrumentation as a fix and will re-enable it when we have a proper solution for this bug.

  • Bugfix: When the sample rate selected a request to be monitored only and then an exception occured, the responding trace with Error data would not contain the context information about http.url and

  • Bugfix: Callgraphs generated for a trace that has only one span through instrumentation where dropped in the daemon.