Release of PHP Extension v5.0.46

  • Bugfix: proc_open and popen durations are now calculated correctly.
  • Bugfix: Twig 2.0 support was missing due to switch to namespaces
  • Bugfix: When calling TidewaysProfiler::setServiceName() multiple times the last one is kept now.
  • Improvement: Improve Spryker support to fully work standalone without spryker-eco/tideways-monitoring-plugin
  • Improvement: Improve Timeline Profiler instrumentation for Magento 2
  • Feature: Add new TidewaysProfiler::enableCallgraphProfiler() function for programatic callgraph profiler control.
  • Feature: Add new TidewaysProfiler::enableTracingProfiler() function for programatic timeline profiler control.
  • Feature: Add new TidewaysProfiler::triggerCallgraphOn() function to programatically enable callgraph profiler when a function is called in the code.
  • Feature: Add new TidewaysProfiler::addEventMarker() function to set a marker in the timeline profiler with a given name.