Tobias Tobias 28.08.2018

New: Downstream Service Monitoring

Having detailed response time percentiles and impact analysis for transactions is great. But often it's not the php application that is causing unwanted spikes in response times rather than services used by your application, such as MySQL, redis, HTTP APIs and so on. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 29.06.2018

The difficulty of Memory Profiling in PHP

Did you ever have a memory leak in your PHP program and couldn't locate the exact source in your code? From my experience with memory profiling in PHP, this is caused by the PHP engine and how it manages memory. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 07.06.2018

Improved Time Explorer

We have just rolled out an improvement to the Time Explorer, the low precision (15 minutes) chart that is rendered in the Dashboard and Application view with performance data for the complete retention period of your plan. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 07.06.2018

Testing a new approach to Memory Profiling in PHP with XHProf

Memory profiling in PHP has traditionally been hard. Most memory profilers compare the memory or peak memory before and after a function call to find out how much memory usage increased or decreased. This can be achieved by calling the equivalent of memory_get_usage() and memory_get_peak_usage() functions from within the profiling extension. Read More

Ruth Ruth 24.01.2018


Hey there! Perhaps you read our first post about the unconference at the PHP Benelux? Then you know that we explicitly are encouraging first-time-speakers to give a talk at the unconference next weekend. Read More